Types of Asanas

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. The word “ha” means sun, “ta” means moon. “Hatha” means the yoga to bring balance between the sun and the moon in you, or the Pingala and Ida in you. You can explore Hatha yoga in ways that take you beyond certain limitations, but fundamentally, it is a physically preparation – preparing the body for a higher possibilities. The aim of yoga is to experience a meditative state in everyday life which has the effect of increasing performances manifold as the work is done with more efficiency and energy. Blend of physical postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), meditation and relaxation that when combined together activates the parasympathetic nervous system leaving the practitioner feeling more relaxed and better able to assimilate any stress in their life.

BenefitsOf Hatha Yoga

  • Builds immunity – When you contract and stretch muscles, move organs around, and come in and out of yoga postures, you increase the drainage of lymph. This helps the lymphatic system fight infection, destroy cancerous cells, and dispose of the toxic waste products of cellular functioning
  • Relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body – Yoga really encourages you to focus on your breath, which relaxes the mind. Whether you are trying to find ease in a difficult pose or you are practicing yin yoga, the breath will help you calm the mind and release tension in the body.
  • Tones the spine – All of our nerves branch out from the spine, connecting the various organ systems to the brain. It is said that if the spine is rigid, nerve impulses cannot flow freely through the body and internal organs become weakened and subject to disease. If you keep the spine supple, the nerves remain strong and your health is maintained.
  • Strengthens and tones body – Yoga poses are weight bearing, are held for varying lengths of time, and require the use of the core muscles. It is a great option for functional fitness since it allows your body to be both strengthened and stretched in positions that your body is naturally in on a day-to-day basis.
  • Increase flexibility – There are two major schools of scientific thought on what actually most limits flexibility and what should be done to improve it. The first school focuses not on stretching muscle fiber itself but on increasing the elasticity of connective tissues, the cells that bind muscle fibers together, encapsulate them, and network them with other organs; the second addresses the “stretch reflex” and other functions of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system. Yoga works on both. That’s why it’s such an effective method for increasing flexibility.
  • Weight loss
  • Good health and many more

Other Type of Asanas

Ashtanga Yoga - Intermediate Level

This is an intermediate level class, recommended for student with atleast 3 months of yoga practice.

Ashtanga Yoga is is a highly structured vinyasa-style class. There are five Ashtanga asana series and each student must master every pose of the first series before moving onto the second series. Ashtanga Yoga came to the west through students of Sri Pattabi Jois, who passed away in 2009 after establishing his yoga center in Mysore, India.
The first series begins with ten sun salutations (five A and five B), continues with a series of standing poses done on each side, and finishes with a set of inversions and seated poses, which are linked by a vinyasa sequence.

  • Purpose Of Ashtanga Yoga

The ultimate purpose of the Ashtanga practice is purification of the body and mind. By moving so quickly and powerfully, you will get a lot of tapas and everything extra, physical and mental, will have to get out the way. This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow.

  • Benefits Of Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga comes with all the benefits of a regular yoga practice–strength, flexibility, stress management, and inner peace. Because the series is so demanding (and in traditional practice you’re expected to practice most days) you will get really strong really fast. There is no part of the body that doesn’t work hard in this practice.

  • Is Ashtanga Yoga For Me?

Ashtanga yoga is for you if you want a challenge and you love structure. The practice is identical from day to day, and it takes most people years to move up a level. If you have sensitive muscles or joints, this may not be the practice for you. There is a strong emphasis on “getting” each pose, even if your body is not necessarily ready to move there in a graceful way.

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Chakra Yoga

Chakras are energy centers in your body that affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This unique class uses yoga poses, visualization and breathing techniques to help you bring balance to each of the Chakra locations in your body.
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Face Yoga + Joints and Glands

Face yoga is a series of exercises that promise to do for your face what yoga does for your body: relax and tone muscles. ... "You don't get wrinkles from loss of elasticity in your muscles; you get wrinkles in your skin. And repetitive movement creates creases in the skin. It's like folding a piece of paper."
Joints and Glands: Discover what it takes to make your body feel better and regain some of the motion you once took for granted. Here is a set of simple pleasant stretching exercises that can be enjoyed by everyone. These exercises increase circulation to all parts of the body and help improve overall flexibility. By releasing accumulated tensions in the joints and glands, the exercises help restore a natural vitality to the body and mind. These exercises were also designed to gently prepare and train the body for the practice of hatha yoga.
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Hatha Yoga for strength and Mobility

This class is similar to a Hatha class, combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principals. However, more attention will be paid to specific postures that build strength throughout the body, and movements that will contribute to improved mobility, including tissue softening, self-massage and isometric stretching.

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Hatha Yoga for beginners

A perfect class for those who have little to no experience with yoga, or for experienced students who want to bring it back to basics. This beginners class uses a combination of simple postures, movement and breath to work on strength, flexibility and balance. The focus on alignment for every body type allows beginners to safely learn the basics. After class there is also an opportunity for questions or further explanation on anything yoga.

P.S: Remember to sign-up for class.
Note: Sign-up required at least one hour before class timing.
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Hatha Yoga - Core

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Hatha Yoga Flow

A balanced combination of sustained poses (Hatha) as well as poses flowing in a mindful progression from one to another. Attention is always given to basic alignment & therapeutic principles. Mindfulness; observing breath and body (triputi) are an integral part of class. Classes are balanced with energy, to give you a good physical work-out, and calm, to keep you balanced.
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Kids Yoga

This is a space for children to learn and practice self love, compassion and mindfulness.We promote happy minds and bodies by stimulating their creativity and fuelling their bodies with conscious breath. More over we create an environment of compassion for self and others around them. In kids yoga we use a series of games, crafts and fun to teach your little ones the basics of yoga.
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Postnatal Yoga - Mom and Baby

Enjoy a fun, playful time with other new mothers and their babies while learning Hatha Yoga postures and simple breathing exercises to stretch, realign, strengthen and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Postnatal Yoga classes are geared toward your post pregnancy body. Poses help to target areas like the abdominals and the pelvic floor, the neck and shoulders and the legs. All key areas of a woman’s body that need some extra care and attention during this special time.
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Power Yoga
Suitable for all levels but those new to yoga should start with Vinyasa. This 60-minute class is a strong, fast-paced class designed to build heat and strength. This practice is a total body workout that creates longer, leaner muscles and a body with more mobility to improve circulation. We recommend that students seeking to take these classes feel confident, safe, and strong throughout classic sun salutations.

P.S: Remember to sign-up for class.
Note: Sign-up required at least one hour before class time.
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Yoga Therapy for Posture Improvement

Do you have aches and pains all over your body? Your posture might be the reason.
What is the correct posture? Ideally you want the skeletal structure to aligned vertically, so that when you are standing, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles will come in one vertical line. This will give the maximum support to the whole body, not putting any unnecessary pressure on the muscles. When the body comes away from that vertical line, either the adjacent supporting muscles will have to hold it from falling (because of gravity) and will be constantly in strain, or the rest of the body will compensate by pulling in the opposite direction (if the head is forward the hips will move back to balance the body, but gravity will still work downwards putting pressure on the spine and knees.) This can and will create achy joints and or muscles.

Some of the effects of the poor postures are lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, inefficient breathing, change in spine curvature (the spine is designed to absorb shock, if its normal structure changes then it might not work effectively).

We have designed sequence to help correct your posture and help you to keep your spine healthy. This is can also be used for people with good posture, to help support the back and prevent future injury

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Yoga Therapy for Stress Relief

Stress can quickly creep into your life and can often be hard to shake. Yoga has shown to have a calming effect on the body and many poses have a stress relieving effect.
Yoga, meditation, and other mind-body practices train your body and mind to be able to cope with stress better and improve overall health and well-being.

In this yoga class, props such as bolsters and blankets are used to fully support the body, allowing it to open slowly and naturally with no effort. Concentration is on the breath, allowing for a deep introspective class which restores energy to the body and calmness to the mind.
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Yoga for Calmness
Poses to Find Instant Calm and Peace. Feel grounded and relaxed with this soothing, hip-opening sequence. Feel grounded and relaxed with this soothing, hip-opening sequence. Achieve a calm mind with this sequence culminating in Padmasana(Lotus Pose), which is often recommended for meditation and pranayama.
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Yoga for Energy

It features a wide range of standing and seated poses designed to fire up the muscles and twisting postures to increase internal heat. Standing postures include triangle, crescent, backbends and various warrior poses. Between the standing and seated postures. Seated postures include reverse plank, forward bends and table top. The workout concludes with lying twists and relaxation posed.
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Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Seniors is a very gentle series designed for adults who want to improve their activity levels and build strength, balance, mobility and range of motion in their joints and spine.
The class will include breath work, meditation, gentle stretching, a balancing sequence and relaxation.

Yoga classes are generally conducted on the floor on an exercise mat. For seniors who have limited mobility, the poses will be adapted to the chair.

Studies have shown the yoga aids in reducing symptoms of stress, depression and fatigue.

P.S: Remember to sign-up for class.
Note: Sign-up required at least one hour before class time.

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Yoga for Sound Sleep

Ease into a restful night with a quiet yoga practice focused on deep breathing to calm your mind and release physical tension. This combination of breath and movement activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps counteract stress.
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Yoga for Weightloss

This 60-minute class is a strong, fast-paced class designed to burn calories. This practice is a total body workout that creates longer, leaner muscles and a body with more mobility to improve circulation
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Level 1

For beginning students to learn correct alignment and in basic yoga postures of Hatha Yoga. Students will also be introduced to various breathing techniques. Ideal for those students who are interested in learning a proper form of yoga which consists practice of mind, body and breath.

Level 2

Designed to take students to the advance level. More advanced postures and sequences are introduced requiring a bit more strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Level 3

Students must be familiar with intermediate yoga postures, including inversions and backbends. More challenging and vigorous sequences are typical in these classes.