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Nasal Breathing Technique For Better Health

Nasal Breathing Technique For Better Health : Breathing is the most vital process of our life. What is interesting about breathing is that it is both a voluntary and an involuntary process. Our body breathes automatically, we also have the ability to consciously control our breathing – the speed, the depth and whether we breath through our mouth or our nose.

Simply by changing the way we breathe, we can actually influence our health in many ways.

Lets discuss the most important basic of proper breathing and benefits of Nasal Breathing on physical health and mental well being.

Always breathe through nose – even during exercise. The most basic of all the breathing techniques is to make sure we are always breathing through our nose.

  • Mouth breathing tends to promote hyperventilation, which actually decreases tissue oxygenation.
  • It can also elevate our heart rate and blood pressure, sometimes resulting in fatigue and dizziness.
  • CO2 level are diminished in our body and decreases the ability to filter toxic pollutants from the air.
Nasal Breathing Technique

Breathing through the mouth may be tempting particularly during physical exertion. Most people breath through mouth while working out. We should really try to avoid this tendency. We should be exercising only to the extent that we can continue breathing through our nose the majority of the time. If this mean backing of on intensity, then thats what we need to do, as it is very important for our body to get used to “air hunger” as it will help our body to begin to adjust to slightly increased CO2 level.

The elasticity of our lungs also depends on nasal resistance, which we only get from nasal breathing due to the smaller diameter of our nasal passage. Good breathing technique such as Nasal Breathing is even associated with  good posture. So breathing through nose helps us maintain our health in a number of important ways.


Our body needs a balance of oxygen and CO2 for optimal function. CO2 is not just a waste product but has actual biological roles, one of which is assisting in oxygen utilization. When our CO2 level is too low, changes in our blood PH impair our hemoglobin’s ability to release oxygen to our cells.

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